Friday, 16 September 2011

Alchemy by Annoushka and Rosie Emerson

Daisy Lowe

Virginia Bates

Caroline Issa

Amber Le Bon

Nina Braunsteiner

Ophelia Lovibond

Mouchette Bell

Ruby Blues

Eliza Doolittle

'Alchemy' - a collaboration between Annoushka Jewellery and Rosie Emerson.

Photography Becky Palmer -
Styling and Costumes - Pheobe Beadon and Cesca Dvorak
Hair and Make Up Artists - Monica Storrs, Nikki Palmer @ Mandy Coakley and Jemmah Harwood

Monica Storrs - Virginia Bates, Ophelia Lovibond and Nina Braunsteiner
Nikki Palmer - Eliza Doolittle, Ruby Blues and Amber Le Bon
Jemmah Harwood - Daisy Lowe, Mouchette Bell and Caroline Issa

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